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FAQ: “What plumbing work will be done during my bathroom remodel?”

Q: “What plumbing work will be done during my bathroom remodel?”

A: All of our bathroom remodels come with a full plumbing overhaul. At minimum, here’s what will get done:

  • All plumbing within your bathroom will be brought up to today’s code standards.

  • New shut-off valves for your toilet, sink, and tub/shower.

  • New drain assembly for your sink(s) and tub/shower.

  • New toilet flange.

  • New shower diverter valve.

  • New braided stainless steel supply lines for your toilet and sink.

  • Installation of your toilet, sink faucet(s), and tub/shower trim kit.

We do all of this to protect your investment in your new bathroom. The last thing you want is your new bathroom to be ruined by an issue with old plumbing! This also allows us to have a hassle-free plumbing warranty on all of our bathrooms. Since we performed all of the labor and purchased all of the parts, we know that if there happens to be an installation or parts related issue, we will get it resolved quickly for you, no questions asked!

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