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Kitchen Refresh: A Brand-New Look Without Breaking the Bank!

Sometimes a full renovation isn't an option! There are many different ways to revitalize your kitchen without committing to a massive project. That being said, some kitchens NEED to go!

Here are some things to think about when determining if your kitchen is worth refreshing or if it's gotta go:

  • Condition: Be honest here. Are your cabinets even worth saving? Or are they 60 years old and all busted up?

  • Layout: Does the layout work for you? Or do you find yourself wishing that your appliances or specific cabinets were in different locations?

  • Storage: Do your cabinets fit all your stuff? Or do you have to make trips down to your basement or over to an IKEA pantry that you stuck against the wall?

  • Counterspace: Do you have enough counterspace to comfortably prep your meals? Or does your cutting board take up the majority of your counterspace?

  • Use: Are you OK with how your kitchen is currently being used? If it's not currently a great space for entertaining, are you OK with that? Or do you want your kitchen to be the daily hub for your family and a beautiful hangout space during parties?

If you've determined that your kitchen is refreshable, what are your options? The fun part about a Kitchen Refresh is that it can easily be done à la carte and/or in multiple phases, if planned properly. Below you'll find out go-to list of kitchen upgrades, in no particular order.

  • Professional Cleaning: Kitchens get very dirty, very quickly. If your kitchen hasn't had a really intense deep clean in a while, it can definitely benefit from this.

  • Countertops: Countertops take a beating. Spills, food, knives, plates, cups, blenders, school bags, keys, laptops... you know how it goes. New countertops are one of our favorite ways to bring your kitchen back to life.

  • Cabinet Painting: Say your kitchen was remodeled 15 years ago. The cabinets are all soft-close and they're in great shape, but they have a rich, dark wood tone to them that is no longer in style. No point in replacing them when you can have them professionally painted whatever color you want!

  • Cabinet Refacing: This is a great option if you're happy with your kitchen layout and your cabinet boxes themselves are in good condition, but you either don't love the profile of your cabinet doors or they're in poor condition. With a reface, we build new doors and drawer faces for your existing cabinets. We replace all hinges and drawer slides to be soft-close. Finally, we paint your existing cabinet boxes along with your new doors and drawer faces to match!

  • Backsplash: Sometimes your kitchen just needs a little tweak. Whether your kitchen has no backsplash at all or has an outdated tile backsplash, installing a new backsplash is a fast way to change up the style of your kitchen.

  • Lighting: Swapping out existing light fixtures or adding a few recessed lights in the ceiling will make your kitchen much brighter, which in turn can make it feel larger and more enjoyable to work in.

  • Appliances: Simply upgrading to a premium appliance package can elevate your kitchen from "blah" to "gourmet"!

  • Fixtures: This, along with appliances, are the lowest-hanging fruit for a kitchen refresh. Changing out or adding cabinet knobs/pulls, swapping light fixtures, and installing a new kitchen faucet are all simple, subtle upgrades that go a long way!

Similar to other small projects around your home, stacking a few of these Kitchen Refresh items together can make a dramatic difference without the major expense and stress typically associated with a kitchen renovation. For some perspective - a Kitchen Refresh that includes a full reface, new countertops, new backsplash, new fixtures, and new appliances typically costs only 60% of what a full kitchen renovation for the same kitchen would cost!

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