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Specialty Contractor Series: J. Rambo Demolition

J. Rambo Demolition is our go-to demolition company! We have been working with Jon and his crew for a few years now and we have had nothing short of a great experience every single time. We've had them come out for small jobs, such as kitchen backsplash demolition, large jobs, like taking entire houses down to the studs, and everything in between. The one constant is that we can always count on them to get the job done efficiently.

They've been in business specializing in demolition and cleanouts for 3 years now and Jon says they're just scratching the surface of what they're capable of. Jon has been a demolition specialist for 8 years thanks to a chance encounter that he had with another man who owns his own demolition company. "He offered me great pay and then taught me everything that there is to know about running a demo business."

J. Rambo Demolition strives for absolute perfection from start to finish on all of their jobs. They protect all adjacent surfaces during demolition to ensure the rest of the house looks just as good when they leave as it did when they entered. And, honestly, they do a better job at cleaning up when they're done than a lot of the finish contractors that we know! Jon says that his biggest inspiration in his work and his life is getting to see individuals change their lives for the better.

We asked Jon about his favorite part of his work and if he had any advice for folks who are considering getting work done in their home. "What I enjoy the most about my work is getting to collaborate with the best contractors around. And only hire the best. Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good!"

Jon also shared an inspiring story with us: "One of my customers has a son that has special needs and works at the zoo. He loves construction and trucks, but due to his disabilities, those activities aren't a reality for him. After his parents told me this I asked when he would be clocking out from the zoo on his next shift. I showed up an hour before the end of his shift to request a tour and told them I’d like it if that young man gave it. After my tour, I gave him a company hoodie, a t-shirt, and a ride home in the truck... The look on his face... That’s what it's all about."

Outside of professionally destroying things for a living, Jon is a gym enthusiast and a men’s life coach. Jon and his wife also foster animals while they are waiting to find their forever homes. They've fostered more than 100 animals in the past 10 years!

Contact Information:

Jon Rambo, Owner


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