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Specialty Contractor Series: John Bergin Jr Sealcoating

John Bergin Jr. Driveway SealCoating is top tier at what they do! Truth be told, we don't often have projects that require sealcoating, but we had a few over the summer of 2023. John came highly recommended from a few of our trade partners, and we were used to seeing "BERGIN SEALCOATING" signs on lawns all over the area, so we knew who we were going to call. They specialize in residential and commercial asphalt maintenance throughout all of Delaware County, southern Chester County, the Main Line, and northern New Castle County.

John Bergin Jr Driveway SealCoating has officially been in business since 2019. "I started sealcoating as a side gig a couple years before I officially started the business. I’ve been in the trades in one form or another my whole life. From loading roofs for my father and filling dumpsters with shingles to installing roofing, siding, windows, and doors to full interior remodels. But this little sealcoating side gig eventually turned into a living that left me time for nothing else."

We asked John about his favorite part of his work and if he could share some of the benefits of getting a driveway sealed. "My goal is to provide an honest, valuable service to my clients. I take a huge amount of pride in what I do, and I make sure that it shows in every single project. If I had to pick a favorite part of my work, it would be that I know that my service is truly improving my client's property. Sealcoating not only extends the life of your driveway, which can be very expensive to replace, but it also instantly adds curb appeal!"

Sealcoating is a tough job - since asphalt can only be properly sealed under very specific conditions, much of the work is done under the summer sun. "Oftentimes we are sealing 160-degree asphalt without a cloud in the sky. My guys that are out there sealing with me are true friends. Working in those conditions, we have to make sure we keep it light and have a lot of fun on the job... basically, we are just sealing driveways and joking around all day!"

John says that his main motivator is living a life of purpose and meaning. "I deliver the best that I have, every time. The best of myself. This is my purpose. My biggest inspiration is God. I wake every morning and thank him for another opportunity to lace up my boots and be able to be of service to others and to do what I love. I’m able to travel to some of the most beautiful places that God has to offer. Whether it’s a field of wildflowers in Malvern or Chadds Ford or some of the most beautiful farmland in Landenberg. I love that I’m able to add to the beauty in people’s driveways!"

When he's not working, John can be found at home with his family. "We have a full house for sure. It's me, my wife, Mary - she's the best - her grandchildren, Conner and Dylan, 2 rescue dogs, and 3 rescue cats! Conner and Dylan love school, comic books, riding bikes and playing video games. Mary and I are active members of our church and when I have a little bit of free time, I enjoy woodworking, refinishing furniture, and keeping my trucks in top shape!"

Contact Information:

John Bergin Jr, Owner


You can also find John being mentioned 100x on literally any local Facebook Community Group post about a driveway, lol.

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