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Specialty Contractor Series: T Maxwell Junk Removal

T Maxwell Junk Removal is our go-to company when we are in a pinch! Sometimes we can’t fit a full roll-off dumpster at one of our jobs and oftentimes we end up with a big pile of random materials and trash at the very end of a job after the final dumpster has already been pulled. Regardless of the situation, we know that one text to T Max will solve our problem! We’ve been using Taneesha & Co for just over a year now and they have never let us down. T Maxwell Junk Removal specializes in basement, attic, and garage cleanouts as well as shed & hot tub removals. They also provide short-term "U Loader" mini dumpster rentals.

T Max just celebrated their 5th anniversary of being in business and they boast a 5-Star Google rating across an astonishing 145 reviews in addition to receiving multiple awards around the area for outstanding service. "I like to say the universe aligned me with Junk Removal. I was doing real estate as a part time investor, the money was good, but it was inconsistent at the time. I saw firsthand the need for premium, reliable Junk Removal services and I seized the opportunity. It was a real leap of faith at that point in my life and I’ve been committed to this journey ever since."

We asked Taneesha about her favorite part of her work. "My favorite part of this business is connecting with our clients. I love learning the stories behind not only the junk we are moving, but also the space that our clients are reclaiming or moving on from. I also get a lot of satisfaction knowing that the service we provide is a relief. Our clients don't have to spend time stressing over what they're going to do with all of this 'stuff', we come in and do a fast, professional job to take care of it for them."

Taneesha joked that she has a few tips for people who are working on trying to figure out a home cleanout. "Here's a simple piece of advice - CALL ME! My line of work is pretty straightforward, and I am able to answer any question that you may have. Also, since we are asked this all the time... NO, WE DO NOT HAUL AWAY CHILDREN OR SPOUSES"

The junk removal business may be straightforward, but it is definitely not easy. The T Maxwell Junk Removal crews have their work cut out for them on a daily basis. On any given day they could be loading up a dumpster with heavy construction debris, chipping away at an insurmountable looking hoarder situation, working in basements with low head room, and much more. The good news for them is that there’s always something interesting in junk removal and Taneesha makes sure the crews have a fun work environment. "We find a lot of cool items, for instance, an old school cash register, a signed Reggie White jersey, countless vintage items, swords, some things we'd rather not talk about... there's really no limit to the amount of interesting items we come across. Last week we found a newspaper from the 70’s: new cars were around $4,000! No two jobs are the same in this business. I make sure our workday is fun because I naturally have a good spirit, high energy, always joking and smiling, and I only hire people that have that same energy!"

Her clientele is what keeps Taneesha inspired to keep pushing the business forward. "We meet amazing people every single day. These people become family, they refer us to others, they repost us, they see us in the market, in the neighborhood, and we talk, we laugh, we hug. What I enjoy the most is just that - the connection to the people. I meet so many people with so many different stories about life, family history, their journey with good and not so good battles. It’s almost like I can’t even describe the overall feeling. It’s like someone may not remember your name, but they will always remember how you made them feel. It becomes therapeutic for myself and the customers."

There are big plans on the horizon for T Maxwell Junk Removal. "In junk removal you get to see how many things get wasted. When we help people get rid of unwanted items, we try to take as many of those items as we can to recycling centers, donation centers, and our other partners in and around the area." Taneesha says that her goal is to eventually get a warehouse where T Maxwell Junk Removal can safely store and restore items so that they can be returned back into community rather than sit in a landfill. "Just because certain items are unwanted by one person, doesn't mean that they're not useful to another."

Taneesha left us with some advice for anybody who may need a little inspiration or motivation right now:

"If there’s anyone reading this and they’re feeling stuck at whatever place in life they are in, trust your God. Trust the universe. All my past experiences have led me to where I am today. There were times I questioned some of my experiences. Looking back, I now know those experiences were part of the process that aligned me with the things I am so passionate about today. So today I encourage you to trust your process. It will all make sense one day!"

Contact Information:

Taneesha Maxwell, Owner


@tmaxmovesjunk on Facebook, Instagram, X, & TikTok

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