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Specialty Contractor Series: Walsh Brothers Electric

Walsh Brothers Electric is our favorite electrical contractor to work with! We can always count on them to get in and get jobs done for us quickly and cleanly, regardless of whether it's just adding a single new outlet or rewiring an entire house. They're based out of Aldan and specialize in all things electrical.

Walsh Brothers Electric just celebrated their 5-year anniversary of being in business a few weeks ago. "We both found interest in the trade during high school, and we went on to get our 'Electrical - Skilled Trade' degrees from Delaware County Community College" says Alex. Sean says that they gained invaluable experience learning the electrical trade on the job as well as what it takes to run a business while the brothers spent years working for other electrical contractors.

Sean and Alex provide high-quality work for all electrical items such as troubleshooting, indoor lighting, exterior lighting, service upgrades, EV charging stations, whole house generators (Generac), and more! They stay up to date on all of the newest advances in electrical devices so that their customers always have top-of-the-line products.

We asked the Walsh Brothers about their favorite part of their work and if they had any advice for people looking to get any electrical work done in their homes. "We love the effect that our work can have on a home. Even something as simple as adding some new lighting to a living room can make the room feel completely different. Or adding new outlets to places that will make the homeowners daily life much more convenient. If you're considering any project at home that includes electrical work, PLEASE contact a licensed electrician! Some electrical things might seem really easy on the surface, but you can run into issues very easily, especially with older homes. You don't want to be stuck in a bad spot if you are DIYing and you definitely don't want to spend money on hiring somebody who is unlicensed."

A day in the life of an electrician can range from being in tight crawl spaces to finding dangerous wiring to being up on ladders that are much higher than anything that I'm willing to climb. "We get to see a lot of funny things on the job. They're kind of funny, kind of dangerous. People do all kinds of 'creative' things with the electrical work in their homes, specifically with extension cords. We recently went out to replace the feed for an electrical service for the whole house that was ran with an extension cord wire!"

When they're not playing with electricity, Sean and Alex love to go fishing. They frequently hit all up and down the coast of New Jersey to go surf fishing as well as fishing from their boat. The brothers also enjoy taking trips with family & friends up to their family's place in the mountains.

Contact Information:

Sean and Alex Walsh, Owners

484-469-1344 / 484-908-2194

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