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We Are NEVER Installing This Kind of Sink Again!

Updated: Mar 17

Captivate Painting & Remodeling is going to lead the revolution against kitchen sinks that are smaller than 30".  We INSIST that everybody who is making an investment into their home with a kitchen renovation lets us find a way to fit at least a 30" sink in their new kitchen. I don't care if it's stainless or ceramic or fireclay or farmhouse or undermount or zero radius or standard radius or 2-bay or whatever other option of sink you choose - just DO NOT consider a sink that is under 30". You probably think this is a weird hill to die on if all you've ever had is the standard 24" sink or smaller, but trust me, a bigger sink is the kitchen luxury that hides in plain sight.

While we have installed sinks up to 36", which is MASSIVE, a 30" sink like the one in the picture up top can make all the difference in the functionality of your kitchen. 30" sinks are great for things like:

  • Having a dirty stack of dishes on one side and still having room to fill a large pot on the other side.

  • Bathing babies.

  • Bathing small dogs.

  • Washing your hands while having items in the sink without making a huge mess all over your shirt.

  • Easily fitting a high-chair tray and washing it without flooding the rest of your kitchen.

  • Defrosting dinner on one side and still having room to wash vegetables on the other side.

I know these all seem a bit trivial, but all of these small things add up to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. In the context of getting your entire kitchen redone, a larger sink isn't going to make much of a price difference (couple hundred bucks) and you stand to gain a lot more out of a larger sink (awesome) than you will lose from having a little bit less cabinet space (won't notice)!

Interested in getting your kitchen redone? Contact us today and let's start professionally designing your dream kitchen!

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The BEST sink!!

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