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Why You Need Multiple Estimates

If you’re planning a project, I’m sure you’ve been hearing “get multiple estimates!” ad nauseam. Getting multiple estimates is best practice, but why is it such an essential part of a successful project? What exactly are people hoping to see across multiple estimates? Hint: it should NOT be lowest price!


Going through the estimate process multiple times will help you gain a lot of clarity. You will get opinions and ideas from various professionals. You’ll agree, disagree, and have new things to think about. As a result, you’ll have a much clearer vision for your project.


The estimates you receive will also provide you with some perspective on what you can expect the project to cost, when the project can get started, how long it will take, and, ultimately, whether it’s a project that makes sense for you.

Vibe Check

Remodeling is a team sport, and you’re on the squad! Going through this process with multiple contractors will help you get a good idea of who you think you’ll work with the best.


“Value” is going to be different to everybody. In most cases, we find that price has very little to do with the overall value that a contractor has to offer their clients. More often than not, clients will find great value in communication, friendliness, punctuality, honesty, and experience. After receiving estimates from a few contractors, you should have a great idea of what ‘Value’ means to you.

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